International Committee of the Fourth International

International May Day 2024 Online Rally

Saturday, May 4
3:00 PM US EDT








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On Saturday, May 4, the International Committee of the Fourth International and the World Socialist Web Site will celebrate May Day with an online rally, featuring speakers from throughout the world.

May Day 2024 takes place amid the deepening genocide in Gaza, the threat of a regional war in the Middle East targeting Iran, the ongoing US-NATO war against Russia in Ukraine, and the growing moves towards direct conflict with China. A new imperialist redivision of the world is now underway, and the threat of nuclear conflict is higher today than at any point in the Cold War.

Within the international working class, opposition is growing to war, attacks on democratic rights and in particular the horrific genocide in Gaza. Millions of people have protested on every continent against the genocide, demanding their governments cut ties to the Zionist regime in Israel.

Protests against the genocide and war have been ineffectual because imperialism cannot be reformed. It must be overthrown. Above all, this requires the building of a revolutionary socialist leadership in the working class. This year’s May Day Rally will provide a perspective and program for the building of this leadership and a way forward in the fight for a socialist future.

The rally will be streamed live at Please register using the form above and make a donation to help us build the rally as widely as possible.

Saturday, May 4
3:00 PM
US Eastern Time

São Paulo: Saturday, May 4, 4:00 PM

London: Saturday, May 4, 8:00 PM

Berlin: Saturday, May 4, 9:00 PM

Istanbul: Saturday, May 4, 10:00 PM

Colombo: Sunday, May 5, 12:30 AM

Beijing: Sunday, May 5, 3:00 AM

Sydney: Sunday, May 5, 5:00 AM

Auckland: Sunday, May 5, 7:00 AM

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David North

Chairperson of the International Editorial Board of the World Socialist Web Site

Christoph Vandreier

National secretary of the Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei (Germany)

Ulaş Ateşçi

Leading member of the Socialist Equality Group (Turkey)

Joseph Kishore

National secretary of the Socialist Equality Party (US)

Cheryl Crisp

National secretary of the Socialist Equality Party (Australia)

Tom Peters

Leading member of the Socialist Equality Group (New Zealand)

Deepal Jayasekera

General Secretary of the SEP (Sri Lanka)

Keith Jones

National secretary of the Socialist Equality Party (Canada)

Alex Lantier

National secretary of the Parti de l’égalité socialiste (PES)

Tom Scripps

Assistant national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party (UK)

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David North
Chairman of WSWS IEB and SEP (US)
Cheryl Crisp
National Secretary of SEP (Australia)
Ulaş Ateşçi
Socialist Equality Group (Turkey)
Deepal Jayasekera
Assistant National Secretary of SEP (Sri Lanka)
Chris Marsden
National Secretary of SEP (UK)
Evan Blake
SEP (United States)
Nick Beams
Socialist Equality Party (Australia)
Christoph Vandreier
Sozialistische Gleichheitspartei (Germany)
Joseph Kishore
National Secretary of SEP (US)
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