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Australia: A revealing bipartisan parliamentary love fest

On the floor of parliament, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese blurted out something about the private conversations that he and Opposition leader Peter Dutton conduct constantly behind the backs of the population.

Mike Head

The divisive role of the GDL rail union leadership

The policy of “social partnership” has turned all trade unions into an auxiliary police force for the corporations and government. What the GDL union sells as a clever ploy to wrest higher wages for train drivers in the face of staff shortages actually amounts to dividing rail workers.

Peter Schwarz

Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific

India: Maharashtra childcare workers on indefinite strike; Pakistani doctors in government hospitals on strike over sackings; Australia: Virgin Airlines cabin crews ready to strike for pay rise; Regional public transport rail workers in Victoria to walk out on Monday

1,100 DHL Express workers launch strike at Global Superhub at Cincinnati airport

The timing of the strike during the holiday peak season and the strategic significance of the facility creates the potential for a broader struggle to bring DHL and other logistics companies to their knees. But that requires the rank and file organize themselves independently of the union apparatus, taking the initiative out of pro-corporate union officials' hands.

Tom Hall

The struggle of Quebec’s 600,000 public sector workers at the crossroads

To prevail against the big business CAQ government, workers must wrest control of their struggle from the pro-capitalist union apparatuses and transform it into a unified political offensive of the entire working class against the Quebec and Canadian ruling elite’s agenda of austerity and war.

Laurent Lafrance

“The measure of my dreams”: Shane MacGowan (1957-2023)

The Pogues were one of the finest bands of the 1980s, infusing Irish traditional music with punk to give new voice to a young Irish diaspora. This owed very much to the poetic songwriting of Shane MacGowan.

Paul Bond

France: Protesters denounce the escalation of Gazan genocide

Protesters denounced the bourgeois French media’s role in promoting phony "humanitarian pauses” as Israeli prepared to expand its bombing campaign to justify their murderous assault on the Gazan population.

Samuel Tissot

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

Healthcare workers in Italy including doctors, nurses and midwives in 24-hour strike over staff shortages and austerity budget; three thousand workers at Isfahan Steel Company in Iran walk out for improved pay and pay parity with other steelworkers; doctors and dentists begin stoppage in six counties in Kenya for pay rise and improved conditions

Ten years since the death of leading British Trotskyist Dave Hyland

Ten years ago, Dave Hyland, a leading figure in the British Trotskyist movement, died on December 8, 2013, at the age of 66. Below we republish the remarks of comrade David North to a January 18, 2014, memorial meeting honouring comrade Hyland.

David North

“The essence of Helen Halyard is that she was party, she was cadre”

We are publishing here the tribute to Helen Halyard given by Cheryl Crisp, the national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party of Australia, to a memorial meeting for Comrade Helen held by the Socialist Equality Party (US) and the International Committee of the Fourth International on Sunday, December 3.

Cheryl Crisp

UK homelessness figures rise amid council funding crisis

This misery stands in the shadow of the monumental residences of the rich. Perhaps the most obscene example is at Embassy Gardens in Nine Elms, southwest London, where, 10 storeys up, sits the “Sky Pool”, described as the world’s first swimming-pool bridge, connecting two sections of the luxury development.

Charles Hixson

Hostages and families clash with Netanyahu

Emerging from a tense and angry meeting with members of the “war cabinet” on Tuesday, they denounced the government, saying it had no plan to secure the release of the remaining hostages and that its tactics were endangering their lives.

Jean Shaoul

German government prepares huge social cuts

Ever since the Supreme Court struck down the climate fund as unconstitutional, leaving a shortfall amounting to billions in the budget, the government has been preparing to claw this back through massive cuts in social spending.

Peter Schwarz

Israel’s war on women and children

Before the eyes of the whole world, Israel is carrying out a crime of monumental proportions: a deliberate and systematic massacre of the women and children of Gaza.

Statement of the World Socialist Web Site Editorial Board

Blue Cross Michigan workers: Reject UAW-backed sellout agreement

After striking Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan workers have been kept in the dark for three months, the United Auto Workers bureaucracy is seeking to push through a proposed four-year agreement at ratification meetings on Tuesday.

Jerry White

Australian government seeks to rush through new citizenship cancellation laws

In partnership with the Liberal-National Coalition, the Labor government rammed the Australian Citizenship Amendment (Citizenship Repudiation) Bill 2023 through the House of Representatives in a single day last week and is demanding that the Senate rubberstamp it by this Thursday.

Mike Head

Workers Struggles: The Americas

Saõ Paulo transit carried out a one-day strike November 28 against privatizations and budget cuts while 1,600 MGM Grand Detroit Casino workers are back on the job after being saddled with a totally inadequate 64-month agreement.

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