Alberta nurse speaks about union indifference to mass illness and death

Kerry is a nurse from Alberta, Canada who is living with the symptoms associated with Long COVID. A former clinical and telehealth nurse who was part of Alberta’s early response to the pandemic, Kerry has been effectively forced out of work, because infection with COVID-19 or other transmissible disease could be disastrous to her weakened immune system.

Since Kerry stopped working as a nurse, she has become a strong advocate for stricter COVID-19 mitigation measures in the health care system, which is in a state of collapse across Canada and internationally. When she appealed to her union, the United Nurses of Alberta, for better protections for health care workers, they ignored her.

Kerry strongly feels that the unions, along with capitalist governments, have enforced a Malthusian “let it rip” policy that places corporate profits above peoples’ lives. She believes that health care workers across the country must build rank-and-file committees to fight for safe workplaces for workers, patients, and the general public.

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