International Committee of the Fourth International, 1991
Fourth International Journal: Oppose imperialist war and colonialism!

This is the 1991 edition of Fourth International, at that time the yearly theoretical journal produced by the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI). The publication of this volume followed the launching of the war in the Persian Gulf by US imperialism. The volume contains the 1991 May Day ICFI manifesto, “Oppose Imperialist War and Colonialism!,” which announced the call for an international anti-war conference of workers and youth that was held in Berlin in November of the same year.

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  1. Editorial
  2. Oppose Imperialist War and Colonialism!
  3. Imperialism after the Gulf War
  4. The Fight for Trotskyism and the Perspectives of the Berlin World Conference
  5. Cliff Slaughter Renounces Marxism
  6. Provocation in Namibia: Cliff Slaughter and the Workers International
  7. Five Years Since the Split in the International Committee of the Fourth International
  8. The Political Bankruptcy of Ernest Mandel
  9. War in the Persian Gulf: Perspectives and Tasks of the Fourth International
  10. Workers Must Oppose Gulf War
  11. Demand a Referendum on Gulf War!
  12. Imperialism Inflicts New Tragedy upon Kurdish People
  13. The Tragedy of the Kurds—Lessons for the Working Class
  14. Letter from a Soviet youth, and a reply
  15. Letter to a Soviet academician
  16. Letter from a worker in Volzhsky, and a reply
  17. Letter from a worker in Vorkuta, and a reply
  18. Letter from a worker in Kiev, and a reply
  19. Anabasis or Was the Soviet Union Socialist and Will It Be Soviet?
  20. Reply to a Soviet Historian
  21. Letter from a Correspondent in Kiev, and a reply
  22. Trotskyist Leader Speaks to Soviet Youth
  23. Behind the Election of Boris Yeltsin
  24. 50 Years Since the Nazi Invasion of the USSR
  25. Gorbachev Grovels before Group of Seven
  26. Balkan Tinder Box Threatens European War: Civil War in Yugoslavia
  27. The Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi
  28. The Crisis of Capitalism in India
  29. On the Third Anniversary of the Death of Comrade Keerthi Balasuriya (1948-1987)
  30. Sri Lankan Trotskyists Defend Rural Youth
  31. Repression and the State in Sri Lanka
  32. Fight against Imperialist World War and Colonization!
  33. Behind the Bloodbath in Sri Lanka
  34. The Death of Oskar Hippe (1900-1990)
  35. On German Reunification
  36. What the German elections show
  37. The Spartacist Workers Party: Provocateurs against the Fourth International
  38. The Working Class and the US-Mexico Trade Pact
  39. The Breakdown of the Postwar Order and the Prospects for Socialist Revolution
  40. Long Live the Memory of Comrade Steve Longstaff (November 24, 1926 - August 14, 1990)
  41. Trotskyists demand exposure of police agents
  42. Lessons from the fall of Thatcher
  43. The elections in Haiti