International Committee of the Fourth International, 1994
Fourth International Journal: Capital, Labor and the Nation-State

This is the 1994 edition of Fourth International, at that time the annual theoretical theoretical journal produced by the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI).

The volume documents the intense political analysis undertaken by the ICFI of the crisis of the old nationally-based organizations, including the trade unions, the social-democratic parties, and the Stalinist regimes in the Soviet Union, China and Eastern Europe, which has restored capitalism. These developments are addressed in the lecture delivered by David North, “Capital, Labor and the Nation-State”, which is contained in this volume.

The analysis made by the ICFI of the crisis of all the old nationally-based organizations and parties was rooted in the political struggle waged by the Leon Trotsky and continued by the International Committee against Stalinism and Pabloite revisionism. This record is contained in the Editorial of this volume, which marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Trotskyist Left Opposition in 1923.

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  1. Editorial: Seventy years since the founding of the Left Opposition
  2. Capital, Labor and the Nation-State
  3. The role of Stalinism in Germany
  4. The political background of the restoration of capitalism in China
  5. Why there are no left socio-political movements in Russia
  6. Bolshevism and the avant-garde artists (1993)
  7. Conference against Racism and the Threat of War
  8. The Political Situation in Germany and the Lessons of the 1930s
  9. Conference Resolution
  10. A Visit to Shostka: The Fourth International Brings Aid to the Victims of Chernobyl
  11. Spartacist Smears ICFI Chernobyl Campaign
  12. The Victory of Hanne Levien
  13. The Fight against the Frame-Up of Roger Cawthra
  14. The Class War in Ecuador and the Assassination of Marco Vinicio Poveda
  15. The Workers Revolutionary Party and the Politics of Provocation
  16. A Political Provocation: WRP Leader Cliff Slaughter Attacks ICP Members
  17. An Open Letter to the Workers Revolutionary Party from Peter Schwarz
  18. A Letter to Simon Pirani of the WRP from Vladimir Volkov
  19. The Role of Imperialism in the Balkans
  20. The Yugoslav Tragedy and the Crisis of Working Class Leadership
  21. The Class Struggle in Canada
  22. Imperialists Occupy Somalia: The Return to Colonialism
  23. Colonialism’s Humanitarian Mask
  24. Petty-Bourgeois Radicalism and the Working Class
  25. Permanent Revolution and the National Question Today
  26. Permanent Revolution and the National Question Today
  27. Review: Washington Exhibition of Russian Archives
  28. A Letter to the Wall Street Journal
  29. Bill Brust—Fighter for Trotskyism
  30. The Death of George Novack (1905-1992)
  31. Grace Carlson (1906-1992): Leading American Trotskyist of the ’30s and ’40s